A template for
every business.

A template for
every business.

A template for
every business.

Studio Mesa aims to create templates that not only look beautiful, but work exactly as you need for your project, allowing you to build your dream site faster, easier, and with less headache.

Build your next website with 90% of the work already done.

We believe everyone should have a website. But not just any ol’ site: One that actually looks great, gets traffic, and makes sales. Designers charge big money to make this happen (no shade, it’s just true). But, there’s an easier way: Templates let you skip the tedious part of setting up a site from scratch, and get straight to building your brand.

What makes us different?

But there are hundreds of templates on the market… how do you pick one?

Studio Mesa

Delivered Instantly

Start editing right away

Flexible Design

Easily match your brand's look

Unlimited License

Start editing right away

MesaOS Building System

Make unique sections easily

Lifetime Email Support

Get help from an SQSP expert

Other Templates

Delayed Delivery

Usually in 24-48 hours

One Design Option

Has to look like the template

Single-Use License

Can only use on one project

Only the Basics

Not much customization

Paid Support Package

Get help, but only if you pay

We stick to the tenets of great web design.
Templates are simply pre-built websites, so they need to be designed with the same care.

Clear communication

Showcase the work you do, how you do it, and what makes you different from everyone else.

Beautiful design

Clean aesthetics that drive visitors’ emotional reactions to your brand, capturing true fans.

Effective functionality

No loose bolts, uncrossed t’s, or random errors to bog you down. Everything works as it should.

Meet the Designer

Aaron Rolston
Squarespace Developer

Lifelong creative maker, web developer, and internet entrepreneur in Tampa, USA. I’ve been building websites in Squarespace for over a decade, designing places for my creative work to live online. Every template I’ve developed at Studio Mesa comes from a place of creative expression and faces the same test before launching: “Is this a site I’d be stoked to browse?” With more brands online than ever, people need to connect emotionally before buying, and I’m confident these sites do just that and so much more.