Affiliate Program

Share templates,
make easy money.

Enjoy my website templates, and think your audience might too? Join SM Affiliates to get 15% of every sale that comes through your unique link, paid instantly via PayPal after attributable purchase.

Who should apply?

Not everyone is a good fit, depending on how you intend on promoting SM Templates. Important: You can't apply for the affiliate program just to get a discount for yourself.


The most common affiliate situation: You're writing a blog post and want to feature links to templates. For example, you're writing a "Top 10 Templates for Nonprofits" and want to feature Retrograde.

Designers w/ Clients

If you build sites for clients and frequently share templates as a basis for the design, to have them purchase. Note: If a client buys the template, they get the unlimited license, not you.


If you're building a directory site of Squarespace templates (such as SQSP Themes or Ghost Marketplace) and want to get a percentage of every sale.